Meet The Characters

Meet Mirror Boy, Mirror Girl & Heart Dog

What's Unconditional Love

Mirror Boy

Mirror Boy is easy for children to identify with. He loves to play with his dog, Heart Dog, spend time with his friend, Mirror Girl. Sometimes he gets angry or sad when he has misunderstandings and disappointments, and these emotions confuse him.

As he learns the lessons of Unconditional Love, he works through his feelings and expands his compassion and empathy.

Mirror Girl

Mirror Girl is Mirror Boy’s best friend. Like most children, when they play together, they encounter conflicts that could lead to tears or unkind words. Mirror Girl learns to stop and choose her responses with the lessons of Unconditional Love.

Then, spending time playing with her friend Mirror Boy is even more fun and rewarding!

What's Unconditional Love
What's Unconditional Love

Heart Dog

Heart Dog is Mirror Boy’s companion. Heart Dog has feelings, too! Mirror Boy begins to understand Heart Dog’s unspoken feelings and how to work with them, using Unconditional Love.

Their positive interactions illustrate compassion, empathy, understanding, and grace that all parents want for our children and fur family, too.

Feelings in Action

As a mother of four, Gwin Young knows first-hand what does and doesn’t work, and with her book, you and your family can be ahead of that curve. Through the adventures of characters Mirror Boy, Mirror Girl, and Heart Dog, little heartbreaks or big blowups become teaching moments.

Any child can learn to reflect on their feelings to better understand themselves and others with this book. 

What's Unconditional Love